Meander 2.2

Plot and measure routes


  • Add notes and keep a journal
  • Measure distances
  • Compatible with any map


  • Can't save presets
  • Doesn't load maps

Very good

Meander has been discontinued and can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Mac > Geography Software.

How often have you wanted to measure distances on a map and add your own notes?
Forget doing this on a paper map, unless you don't mind getting it messy and filled with notes.
Online maps like Google Maps or Yahoo! Maps are precise, but they don't really let you add that much information.
Up comes Meander then, which lets you jot down notes, plot points and measure distances on any map, whether scanned, from the web or your computer.
Meander is really easy to work with and you can add all sorts of informations and reminders on your map without actually messing it up.
One of the better uses of Meander is for hiking.
Not only can you plot points for your route and measure distances, but you can also keep up a journal with specific observations on points in your hike.
Afterwards, you'll be able to export or print your map with observations and share them with anyone.
All in all, Meander is a very enjoyable route planning tool.
We were a little disappointed that it did not allow to save presets though. Also, first time users might be a little confused because Meander doesn't actually load a map.
You have to place the application over your Mac to make it work.
Meander is an excellent route planning tool, which lets you plot points, measure distances and add notes to any map.

Fixes problems with route browser: distance units not always correct and problems when adding routes to categories.


  • Fixes problems with route browser: distance units not always correct and problems when adding routes to categories.

Use this Mac application to plot points, plan routes and measure distances using any map, including maps you've scanned or those you've found on the web.

Save your routes for later. Export or print and share them with others. . . Meander includes these key features:

Plot Anything

Plot on top of any map - be it from software, a website, or scanned.

Plot Routes, Measure Distances

Plot routes and then manipulate them - move points around to plan the best route. Meander tells you length of your route in real-time.

Save/Load/Export/Print Routes

Plan routes and save them for later, or print and share them with others. Export to JPEG or print as a PDF.



Meander 2.2

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